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Pottery Machinery

Pottery Machinery
Our large range of professional pottery machinery made with the discerning potter in mind.

Jigger and Jolley Machines

G120E Jigger and Jolley Machine

G120E Jigger and Jolley Machine The GLADSTONE Jigger and Jolley machine is the ideal machine for the professional potter who wishes to bridge the gap between hand thrown ware and mass produced ware.

£4,440.00 (£3,700.00 Ex VAT)
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G122 Jigger and Jolly Machine

G122 Jigger and Jolly Machine The G122 jigger and jolley machine was specifically designed to be completely adaptable so that it can be used for educational and rehabilitation purposes.

£6,000.00 (£5,000.00 Ex VAT)
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Foot Wiper Machines

G151 Gladstone Foot Wiping Machine

G151 Gladstone Foot Wiping Machine For the fettling of ceramics.

£5,040.00 (£4,200.00 Ex VAT)
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Slip Preparation

G83 Slip Pump

G83 Slip Pump Designed to be a highly versatile method of slip casting both for studio and hobby ceramics.

£1,392.00 (£1,160.00 Ex VAT)
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G83A Mini Casting System

G83A Mini Casting System A self contained casting system.

£2,160.00 (£1,800.00 Ex VAT)
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G82 Blunger

G82 Blunger G82 25 Gallon/112 litres

£3,252.00 (£2,710.00 Ex VAT)
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G87 Storage Arcs

G87 Storage Arcs Gladstone engineering produce a range of storage arcs for ceramic slip of varying capacities from 50 gallons to 150 gallons.

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G1032 Slip Gun

G1032 Slip Gun Slip Gun

£151.20 (£126.00 Ex VAT)
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G84 Blunger

G84 Blunger G84 Blunger 15 Gallon/68 Litre

£2,760.00 (£2,300.00 Ex VAT)
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Plaster Blenders and Mould Making

G85 Vacuum Plaster Blender

G85 Vacuum Plaster Blender Developed to remove the air from the plaster during the mixing proces

£8,382.00 (£6,985.00 Ex VAT)
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G86 Plaster Blender

G86 Plaster Blender Designed to mix plaster quicker and more efficiently than by hand and produces plaster which is more consistent

£4,920.00 (£4,100.00 Ex VAT)
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G152 Reversible Plaster Turning Lathe

G152 Reversible Plaster Turning Lathe Professional lathe, built to give a long trouble free life

£2,760.00 (£2,300.00 Ex VAT)
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G155 Modelling Bench

G155 Modelling Bench Modelling Bench

£2,400.00 (£2,000.00 Ex VAT)
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